"You are a most gracious and beautiful soul, Louise! It is my wish to meet you in this lifetime."
-Kathryn Hampton

"I am so grateful for you, Louise. You're positive affirmations and pioneering work on mind/body healing has brought me so much comfort through the years. I have learned and am continuing to grow in love and forgiveness of myself and others thanks to you and your wisdom."
-Angie St. Peter

"Thank you, Louise. I have practicing affirmations now for a couple of years & recently had an opportunity to see how I've been transformed. You are a blessing."
- Barbara Cantrella

"I love you, Dear Louise. I thank you very much for affirmations. I will repeat them over and over again every day, and I believe that the intricate knots will soon begin to unravel. "
-Olga Angelova

"I'm just starting to understand and feel what you are teaching us , it's working for me ! Thank you Louise!"
-Ilana Stavitzky