I don't even know how to start writing affirmations to heal my body. I need a few from you to help me "kick start" me. Help! -Joylene

Dear One,

Try these:

My body knows how to heal itself, and it's doing so at this moment.

I really appreciate my body.

I love my eyes.

I love my body.

I love my life.

I look through eyes of forgiveness.

I look through eyes of love.

I see only healing in my body.

I see only perfection wherever I look.

I am at peace with all of my body.

I send love to each and every cell in my body.

I am learning to relax and allow my body to heal itself.

Sleep comes easily to me and I use it as a deep healing time.

I am beautiful and everyone loves me.

All truly is well in my world.

Louise ***
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