I am stuck with my life right now. I know what I want and can picture it, but at the same time I negate it by doubting it. I have a lot of fear and easily react negatively in situations that annoy me.


Dear One,

This is just a habit you have developed. It's time to create a new habit. New habits take a bit of time to develop. You're expecting perfection the moment you say your first positive affirmation. Then you may get mad at yourself because one affirmation hasn't miraculously changed your life. You and millions of other people react this way, so don't think you're the only one who doubts that you can have a fulfilling life.

I would suggest the affirmation: LIFE LOVES ME AND IT IS SAFE FOR ME TO LOVE MYSELF. When the doubts come up (and they will), say, "There I go again; it's just an old habit." LIFE LOVES ME AND I AM SAFE. No matter how many doubts come up, just keep repeating these affirmations. Within a week you will see and feel changes happening.

You've been doing negative affirmations all your life (as we all have!), so I know you can say positive affirmations for a week. Just keep remembering to love yourself even if you have doubts and fears. Life will help you do this!

Louise ***
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