Honoring Louise’s You Can Heal Your Life Legacy

Back in 1984, Louise Hay created Hay House. Later that year, she published her first book—You Can Heal Your Life.

As you know, the rest is history… and now we want to celebrate it.

Beginning May 4, we’re offering our first-ever You Can Heal Your Life Summit, packed with empowering lessons from 78 leading experts in spirituality, health, and wellness.

This Summit celebrates Louise’s greatest teachings and favorite teachers, putting on display the powerful insight, deep compassion and beauty that made her who she was.

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When the Summit begins, you’ll be able to watch and listen to four special lessons from Louise.

These lessons are…
• Louise’s You Can Heal Your Life Study Course, to help you put the principles of this important book to work for you now.
• Her You Can Heal Your Life film (you can watch it when you join now!), detailing her triumphant story and showing you the way back from negative thinking to powerful, transformative thinking that changes lives.
• Her practical lesson Receiving Prosperity: How to Attract Wealth, Success and Love into Your Life—designed to help you create the life you want, step by step.
• Her beautiful, encouraging lesson Embracing Change: Using the Treasures Within You, that will help you rise above any obstacle and find the gifts you were specially blessed with this lifetime.
If you want a map back to that pure, joyful, abundant person underneath the ideas and patterns you’ve adopted over the years—this is it!

Learn to shrug off self-doubt, find the jewels that make you who you are, and draw with invisible strings every great possibility you’ve ever imagined into your life.

The You Can Heal Your Life Summit is a 17-day Summit, featuring over 100 hours of practical, step-by-step lessons and interviews designed to help you live at your optimum.

You’ll hear from several of Louise’s friends—including Robert Holden, Ph.D., John Holland, Kris Carr, Caroline Myss and over 70 others.

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Wishing You the Best,

Reid Tracy
CEO, Hay House

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