This Day is One of Completion

Each moment of your life is perfect, whole, and complete. With God, nothing is ever unfinished. You are one with Infinite Power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Action, and Infinite Oneness. You wake up with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you shall complete all that you undertake today. Each breath is full and comes to completion. Each scene you see is complete in itself. Each word you speak is full and complete. Each task you undertake, or each portion of that task, is completed to your satisfaction. You do not struggle alone in the wilderness of life. You release all belief in struggle and resistance.

You accept assistance from your many unseen friends who are always ready to lead you and guide you as you allow them to help. Everything in your life falls into place easily and effortlessly. Calls are completed on time. Letters are received and answered. Projects come to fruition. Others cooperate. Everything is on time and in perfect Divine right order. All is complete, and you feel good. This is a day of completion. Declare that it is so.

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