I Am a Yes Person

I know that I am one with all of Life. I am surrounded and permeated with Infinite Wisdom. Therefore, I rely totally on the Universe to support me in every positive way. Everything I could possibly need is already here waiting for me. This planet has more food on it than I could possibly eat. There is more money than I could ever spend. There are more people than I could ever meet. There is more love than I could possibly experience. There is more joy than I can even imagine. This world has everything I need and desire. It is all mine to use and to have.

The One Infinite Mind, the One Infinite Intelligence, always says yes to me. No matter what I choose to believe or think or say, the Universe always says yes. I do not waste my time on negative thinking or negative subjects. I choose to see myself and Life in the most positive ways. As such, I say yes to opportunity and prosperity. I say yes to all good. I am a yes person living in a yes world, being responded to by a yes Universe; and I rejoice that this is so. I am grateful to be one with Universal Wisdom and backed by Universal Power. Thank you, God, for all that is mine to enjoy in the here and now.

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