Good health is my divine right. I am open and receptive to all the healing energies in the universe. I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. My body is always working toward perfect health. I now release any and all impediments to my perfect healing. I learn about nutrition and feed my body only wholesome food. I watch my thinking and think only healthy thoughts. I love my body. I send love to each organ, bone, muscle, and part of my body. I flood the cells of my body with love. I am grateful to my body for all the good health I have had in the past. I accept healing and good health here and now.

As I work in my garden, lovingly enriching the soil, planting, harvesting, and recycling, I truly feel in tune with the seasons, the weather, the soil, the vegetation, and each and every creature that dwells on the earth. I can take a small section of hard, unproductive earth and slowly transform it into rich loam that will support life in many forms.

Just as we cultivate our gardens, so can we cultivate our minds and bodies to produce healthy, enriched living. One of the essentials to good health is learning to provide quality nutrition for our bodies in the food we eat. It seems that as Americans we have drifted away from healthful eating to the convenience of fast foods. We are the sickest, most overweight nation in the Western world. We overeat fatty, processed foods that are full of chemicals. We support the food manufacturers at the expense of our own health. We seem to have forgotten that the cells in our bodies are living, and need living food to grow and reproduce. Life has already provided us with everything we need to feed ourselves and to remain healthy. The simpler we eat, the healthier we’ll be.

Exercise is another component of maintaining a healthy body. If we don’t exercise at all, then our bones weaken; they require exercise to stay strong. And it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise we do. We can start with just a walk around the block, and build up our strength from there. We need to make exercise a regular part of our lives to keep our bodies as supple and flexible as our minds.

But the most important thing to remember in our efforts to be good to our body is to remember to love it. In order to heal ourselves, it is essential to remove the negative beliefs that contribute to an unhealthy physical condition. We need to look into our own eyes in the mirror and tell ourselves how wonderful we are. We need to give ourselves positive messages every time we see our reflection. We don’t have to wait until we become thin or build our muscles or lower our cholesterol or reduce our fat ratio. We need to love ourselves right now and listen with love to the needs of our bodies. We deserve to feel wonderful all of the time!

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